Virtueller Rundgang

Be able to look forward to unforgettable days on our Royal Campsite Sanssouci as a seasonal camper in Potsdam.

We don't know if you know us yet;
A short introduction: Potsdam is an island (19 lakes) with ca. 150,000 humans...

...15 castles, for more than 250 years residence of kings and emperors. italian flair (villas with art nouveau) and a lot more attractions (russian colony, dutch quater...).

The closeness to Berlin (only 30km to the centre) invites to do sightseeing tours and offers more than 1,400 events every day.

We, the Campsite Sanssouci in Potsdam, are located directly at the Templiner See, just 5 km to the castle Sanssouci, amidst a beautyful landscape , created by the first landscape gardener Lenné. You find many bicycle routes , a little grocery store for the daily needs (everyday fresh rolls), a lovely restaurant with tasty and seasonal food (like asparagus, chanterelle, game).

We have excellent sanitary facilities and are the winner of the national competioton 2005.

We offer:

Water, water, water,

Forest, forest, forest

Silence, silence, silence,

Culture, culture, culture,

Sights, sights, sights.

You have to bring along:
High spirits and leave the rain at home ;-) !

We hope you now have an idea about our Campsite Sanssouci in Potsdam. If you are interested, please make an appointment for a locally visit. Please call us under +49 (0) 331 951 0 988 or via Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .